10 Advantages of Being Married

If you get married or input right into a domestic associate courting, you may add your spouse/domestic companion to your health/dental/vision coverage or you may cancel your fitness/dental/vision insurance and be introduced for your partner’s/home associate’s coverage. You may also make changes to your flexible spending debts. Any change you’re making must be made within 31 days of the date of your marriage/domestic companion dating. Changes on your fitness/dental/imaginative and prescient and flexible spending money owed can be powerful as of the date of your marriage/home accomplice dating.

With any trade in marital/partner popularity, in addition to making changes for your fitness/dental/vision insurance and flexible spending debts, you need to additionally:

Review and don’t forget making modifications on your fitness financial savings account elections.
Review and recollect updating your optional employee lifestyles insurance and AD&D elections. If you elect to increase or sign up in optional worker existence coverage, MetLife may also require a Statement 婚介 of Health (additionally known as proof of insurability).
Consider enrolling your partner/domestic companion inside the partner/domestic partner lifestyles and AD&D plans. If you upload insurance to your spouse/domestic associate beneath the spouse/home partner insurance existence plan, MetLife may also require a Statement of Health (also known as proof of insurability).
Review your cutting-edge existence coverage, health savings account and Retirement Savings Plan (403(b)) beneficiary designations and make any necessary updates. Your lifestyles insurance beneficiary may be changed via Workday. Your fitness savings account beneficiary can be changed with the aid of logging onto your Optum Financial account. The Retirement Savings Plan requires that your spouse be indexed as your primary beneficiary until this right is waived through your spouse. Update your Retirement Savings Plan beneficiary election by logging onto your TIAA (external internet site) account.
You can make adjustments on line thru Workday. Please reference the Change Benefit Election tutorial for help.

If you’re eligible for full-time health and dental contribution costs and elect to add your spouse/domestic accomplice for your health and/or dental insurance, make certain to pick the “Health Care and Accounts – Spousal Surcharge” benefit and pick the suitable election. If your annual revenue is $50,000 or extra and your new spouse/domestic companion is (1) employed outside of WashU; (2) is eligible for medical health insurance through their personal organization; and (3) is eligible for full-time health charges beneath their own organization’s plan, you will be difficulty to the spousal surcharge.

Changes for your fitness financial savings account, optionally available existence insurance (worker, spouse/domestic partner and infant) and retirement scientific financial savings account insurance can be made at any time.

Required Documentation
Marriage: You will need to upload a replica of your marriage certificate (scan or legible image) to the Workday Change Reason page earlier than making any advantage modifications.
Domestic Partnership: You will want to finish the Domestic Partner Affidavit.

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